Benefits of colors in Mental Health

For our mental health, colors play an important role! Yes… perhaps this may surprise you and that is that colors influence our emotions.
Colors can speed up your heart rate, balance the nervous system, and regulate your body temperature, depending on the case. Colors influence our emotional and physical health… but did you know that color does not exist by itself? It is an effect of our mind, that is why it is very important to choose the right color according to the place and the effect we want to cause.

What benefits will you have when choosing the right color?

Sleep and fall asleep in a better way: It is scientifically proven that colors influence when sleeping, so it is important to choose the right color as it will help us fall asleep in a better way. We recommend you opt for your rooms and consider white and neutral colors as it is associated with peace and tranquility.

Encourages creativity: Colors like orange, red and yellow are undoubtedly colors that mostly encourage creativity, causing positive changes in mood,
Color as therapy: At present, colors are considered as an alternative medicine therapy that can be complementary and applied through instruments such as lighting lamps.
Increases appetite: Warm colors are the most recommended and stimulating, they also make us more hungry. That is why if you have a restaurant or food business, it is important to choose the right color that helps you provoke this type of sensation in your customers.

Peace of mind and health: Did you know that the retina of the human eye can detect light between wavelengths, a range known as the “visible spectrum”?
Now that you know, in the month of Mental Health, let’s stop stigmatizing therapy as something negative: Mental Health is just as important as physical.
It is necessary to understand that therapy is a self-knowledge tool that can help us a lot to work on wounds and concerns that hinder our daily lives and our way of living.
The best way to start managing our emotions better is to feel them, live them, allow them to be. Colors can give us a different hope and perspective, which is why it is important to color every moment and situation in the lives of the people around us with signs of a positive attitude and empathy.

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