About us

Was created in June 2011, in Pittsburgh – Pennsylvania,

from the entrepreneurship and unique vision of Mr. Gabriel Olaya, born in Tulu√° Valle del Cauca – Colombia who arrived in the United States in 2006, and who added value and his experience in the area of Residential Painting, consolidates the brand, being recognized for its high quality and guarantee of its painting works.

Recognized for the quality, design and guarantee of its products,

as well as for its commitment and care with customers and the environment, Gabriel Professional painting and contractor’s main purpose is to develop differentiated products and work, tailored to painting in interiors and exteriors of both residential and commercial, maintaining ethics and respect for customers, suppliers, collaborators and competitors. Gabriel professional Painting and contractor, acts with its own identity, prioritizing the quality, customization and exclusivity of its works that to date add up to more than 1000 apartments, more than 350 residential and 120 commercial.

The portfolio brings a range of very well selecte products and services, with a differentiated, functional and innovative design. All paint jobs are designed with a focus on wellness, comfort, elegance and high quality for our customers.



We create positive experiences through residential and commercial painting with high-quality designs, style, functional structures, comfort and elegance, generating trust and value for our customers, improving the quality of life of our employees, the community and having into account a high sense of prevention of environmental impact.


Our vision is to be leaders in the state of Pennsylvania and across different states in the United States to position our products in the interior and exterior market, basing our leadership on ethics, values, principles and care for the environment.



Gabriel Olaya, CEO, arrives in the USA in the state of Columbia South Carolina.


First painting job of a building, where he was paid by the hour.

He meets the General Manager of a company in a chicken factory and offers him work in construction, restoration and painting.


Gabriel begins directing a group of specialized workers in the painting area.

Due to its good performance, more jobs arose and in other areas such as carpentry, cabinet installation, kitchens, among others.

He receives a proposal to open a corporation due to his good leadership, managing to become the main supplier of the PMC company.


Due to his good performance and expertise, he continues to promote his Painting business to different people, realtors and contractors, expanding his business not only to paint work but also to perform Flooring, Pressure Washer, and Ceramic services, among others.

It is currently recognized for its quality and excellent service by different Realtors, residential and commercial clients, and general contractors in the state of Pennsylvania.

Do you have a project or idea that you would like to carry out?

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