7 tricks to paint a small room

They say that less is usually more. In the world of painting and interior decoration, this phrase often corroborates it. That is why here we will recommend 7 tricks to paint a small room, which will give our bedroom an optimized and, above all, renovated look.

One option is the 60-30-10 rule.

This principle uses the base color in 60% of the space, especially on the walls, which we recommend to be in the light color range. 30% will cover the secondary color, such as that of the furniture that is in the room. While the remaining 10% will carry the focal color, which is usually a little more vivid than the previous one and is used in small accessories such as vases, poufs, etc.

Paint the room the same color as the others.

A homogeneous tone will make the space continue in or out, making us perceive the room as larger than it is. Be careful, if we do the opposite, we could “cut” the space visually and the principle of uniformity and symmetry would be altered.

Use light colors

Did you know that it is possible to make our room look more spacious? The correct choice of soft colors, such as white for example, will help us achieve this, since it has been proven that it visually expands the spaces and makes it look clearer.

Avoid strong colors like fuchsia, red or orange

These, like warm colors, have the particularity of providing a visual zooming effect, which would make the walls “zoom in” and the space appear even smaller than it already is. Choose a range of cold colors that will allow you to have a perception of spaciousness.

Limit the number of mirrors

They can be of any size: large, medium or small. Its use could occupy a large part of the area, which could generate a partial or even total eclipse of the room.

Give color to the pillars

One way to create greater height is to give a different hue to vertical surfaces such as pillars in a room, which will create a perception of a larger space.

Add color accents in unexpected places

Inside a room, painting a window frame will add a touch of interest and depth to your room. Since small spaces, if they do not have some interesting architectural detail, can be boring for those who view them.

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