5 tips for your painting to perform at its best

When renovating a space, it is important to take advantage of the quality and performance of the paint, with this we will ensure that your final finish has greater durability.

You must keep in mind that the performance of a paint can vary according to factors such as: the type of surface (whether it is rough or smooth), color tone to apply, amount of dilution according to the type of paint, application tool, and last but not least, the ambient temperature.

By following these tips you will be able to make the most of the performance of your paint, making the colors of your spaces look radiant for many years.

  1. Prepare your surface Check your walls!

It is necessary to previously check the surface you are going to work on. If it is a new surface, we recommend that you wait the necessary setting time to avoid discoloration due to efflorescence. Identify if it has cracks, cracks, moisture, or any type of dirt. If it is a repaint, it is recommended to inspect if there is sufficient adherence, if there is no dirt and if necessary, it is recommended to sand it.

  1. Take into account the measurement and the exact space

Before buying the paint, you must take into account the space in which you will apply it as the area and footage to calculate the amount of paint to use. Don’t forget the proper tools and supplies such as: brushes, rollers and marking tape, plastic sheeting, mixing tray, etc.

  1. Seal your surface

In a painting process in a new work, it is recommended to start with a surface seal so that your coating is protected from any impurity that may migrate from the cement to the paint. In addition, you will be able to increase the performance of the following layers that you apply in your work.

It is possible that your wall has an aged, worn color, or you simply want to change from an intense color to a light one, this is very common in repainting processes. If this is your case, we recommend the use of a sealer that allows you to make the most of the new color you are applying. These provide excellent resistance to alkalinity, specially designed to seal porous surfaces and prevent the subsequent efflorescence of salts on the finishing paint.

We remind you that sealants are fast-drying, so it will allow you to complete your work in less time.

  1. Smooth the surface with Empaste Supremo

Remember that a smooth surface allows the painting to have the best possible performance, so we recommend the use of Filling lines, you can find these products in presentations for interior or exterior.

  1. Take advantage of the temperature

Before beginning the work, it is always advisable to know the weather in advance. We recommend you avoid days where there is frequent rain, and in the case of sunny days, start the application in the first hours to avoid heating the surface, preventing the performance of the paint from being lower.

Cool, rainless days are perfect for painting. A temperature between 15° and 35° C is ideal for renovation work, as you won’t have to deal with factors such as humidity and water. Therefore, your paint will dry quickly and the process will be carried out correctly.

Remember that by following these steps you will be able to make the most of the performance of your painting.

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